Saturday, April 28, 2012

Electric Frustrations

One of the most frustrating things about EVs right now is the scarcity of the product.  There just are not enough cars to go around.  And there are not enough choices in cars either.  Of course there are a lot of exciting developments occurring and many promises are being made, but we are currently just behind the curve in terms of an actual supply of EVs for those who want them.

In my case, I was anointed by BMW to receive one of the 700 ActiveE's being field tested starting this year.  That was over 9 weeks ago now and I still have no car.  Meanwhile I monitor the Active E Facebook group and the BMW ActiveE Forum and listen to all the wonderful experiences others are having with their ActiveE's.  It is a bit like when I was home sick as a kid and could hear the neighbor kids playing outside.  You want to join the neighbor kids so badly, but your mom won't let you go outside.

This causes a lot of frustration.  And that frustration is compounded by BMW's complete lack of communication on this topic.  My BMW dealer tells me that they contacted the ActiveE group several times, but never received a return email or call.  Is it really that difficult?  Perhaps it is, sometimes these things take a while.  But by not communicating, people naturally think the worst.

And unfortunately, my dealer also is bad at communicating even with me.  Not the ultimate customer service I would expect from the company the creates the ultimate driving machine.

Now this has turned into a rant (not a very vicious rant, but still a rant).  I hate reading rants on blogs other people's blogs because they very rarely mean anything to anyone else.  So let's instead discuss some of the exciting EV developments:

Just take a look at my favorite EV website: autobloggreen.  They have a great selection of up-to-date stories and articles on EV technologies.  Most interesting today: Tesla won't offer a towing package on the Tesla Model S.  Was someone thinking they would?  I wasn't, but apparently someone snapped a photo of a prototype Model S with a trailer hitch sticking out the back.  Hook up the boat and let's go fishing at the Country Club water trap on the 7th hole.

Model X and Model S

For those located in Southern California, Tesla is also having an event at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California May 4th, 5th and 6th.  They will be showing off the Model X design prototype and four Model S betas, one in each "signature" color of red, pearl while, silver and black.  I have no idea what makes these color "signature," but worth taking a look to find out.