Friday, March 2, 2012

BMW Active E: The Journey Begins (soon)

My wife and I, along with 700 other people Nation wide, are embarking on an electric car adventure in the form of the new BMW Active E. The Active E is FULLY electric, so unlike the Chevy Volt, it has no gas engine on board at all. And it has great performance compared to what you would expect from an electric car--this is no fancy golf cart, but rather a serious form of transport.

While I have been selected from on-high by the powers that be at BMW to receive an Active E, I have yet to actually take delivery.  But I have tested the care (twice) at Riverside BMW.  This is the test car I drove:

BMW is rolling out the test cars over the next few months.  They are referring to the recipients of these wonderful cars as "Electronauts."  But there are many people who have taken delivery and a number of excellent blogs have been started as a result.  Here are a few of my favorites:

ActiveE Mobility: Driving an Electric BMW 1-Series (written by the very first Electronaut)

My ActiveE by Chris

Electra Girl's Guide to Electric Cars

The 100% Electric BMW ActiveE by Know Gas

Electric BMW ActiveE "Sun Gas"

Dave's BMW Active E: "The Leap Car"

Driving Electric, a Journey

I'm sure there are others, but these are the blogs I know of so far.  Please let me know if I should add more to my list.

These are the true pioneers (no wait Electronauts), while I am just a wanna be for now.  But hopefully that will change soon and I can start talking about my actual experience in what appears to be a truly amazing car.

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