Saturday, March 31, 2012

Riverside Pit Stop: Newly installed EVSE in Riverside, California

If you own an EV and want to travel from Los Angeles or Orange Counties out to Palm Springs you may feel a little range anxiety without a pit stop along with way.  The City of Riverside is happy to oblige with two new Chargepoint EVSE's installed at City Hall in Riverside, California.

The good news is that City Hall is in the heart of downtown Riverside, just a block from the Mission Inn. This means you have a nice selection of shopping and dining all within walking distance.

To access these EVSE's just exit the 91 Freeway at 14th street, travel North to Main Street and go right.  Main Street deadends at 10th Street, turn left.  The first driveway on your right is the City Hall visitor parking.  There you will see the two EVSE's against the building on your right.

There are also two EVSE's in the parking garage on 12th street in downtown Riverside, but these are old units without the J1772 connector.  Good for a 110 volt charge if your in a pinch.  But the City Hall EVSE's are brand new J1772 connectors from Chargepoint.

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