Friday, May 25, 2012

Electronaut-Friendly Kohl's

I am slowly on a mission to find as many public EVSE's as possible in the Inland Empire.  They are not as easy as you might think to locate.  Even with iPhone apps, such as the apps for Chargepoint and Blink, it can be difficult (and sometimes impossible) to find the actual charger.  Websites such as Recargo and PlugShare make it a bit easier because they oftentimes are updated by real-world users sharing their real-world experience.

This week I scouted out two more public EVSE locations.  One in Ontario, California just across there street from Ontario Mills Mall, and one in downtown Riverside.

1.  Electronaut-Friendly Kohls:

This EVSE is of the Chargepoint variety.  It is located in the Kohl's parking lot (near the side-door entrance) on Miliken and 4th Street.  There is only one EVSE, but its in a nice location near the door, but not so close that it is likely to be ICE'd.  The Chargepoint EVSE did incur a ground fault when I first tried using it, but a quick disconnect and re-connect reset the unit and charging began unimpeded.  Thank you to Kohl's for having an EV friendly view of the world!

2.  Downtown Riverside.

I have previously posted photos of the two EVSE's located at Riverside City Hall.  I really like those units because the parking is good and the units are easy to see.  This one, not so much.  It is located behind (and I mean behind) the parking garage that faces Market Street, on the corner of University Avenue in downtown Riverside.  There is only one unit and it is in the alleyway behind the parking garage.  The good news is that you do NOT have to pay for parking here because you don't have to enter the parking garage to use this unit.  The bad news is there is only one EVSE and, as you can see below, its not real easy to access.

On the day I took this photo there was a Leaf in the EV spot who was NOT plugged in--busted!  When a gas-powered car parks in an EV designated spot, we call that being "ICE'd."  But what is the correct term when one of our brother EV's blocks a spot and is not charging?  Is the space "EV'd," is it an "EV clog," is it "Electro-blocked?"  Whatever the term, it's pretty messed up.  Don't do that!

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