Friday, June 1, 2012

Park, Plug & Play: Free Electrons in Old Town Temecula

One of the great things about electric vehicles is the cost of traveling 100 or so miles is a mere fraction of what it would cost to travel the same distance using gasoline.  And that cost can be zero when you plug in at an EVSE with free-flowing electrons.  Right now, its not uncommon to find either a Chargepoint or Blink EVSE at retail locations and they tend not to charge for their power.  But you do need to have a card to active the EVSE.

In Old Town Temecula, they have two clipper creek EVSE's that require no card, and take no payment at all.  They offer completely free electrons for the taking, and so I partook.

The two EVSE's are located at the back of the public parking lot on 6th Street just off Old Town Front Street.  Parking is free, and so is the power.

In fact, it was the first extend range trip I have taken in the E.  Temecula is 40 miles from my home, I usually then drive another 40 miles to my office in Riverside and then a final 18 miles back home to Corona/Norco.  On this day I drove a total of 101 miles.

That would have been a stressful trip with plenty of range anxiety for me, but not so when able to charge the E back to full in Temecula.

This is good news for people who live in Orange County, the Inland Empire, or even San Diego--all of which are in range of Temecula.  You can drive to Old Town, where they have plenty of shopping and restaurants, and just park, plug, and play.  Then off for wine tasting!

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