Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Four New EVSE's in Downtown Riverside: With or without ICE...

Riverside has stepped-up its support of our EV community with four new EVSE's installed in three different parking garages throughout downtown Riverside.

1.  4090 Lemon Street, Riverside, California.  This is a brand new Chargepoint EVSE installation.  The power is free, but you have to pay the parking rates for the garage.  The spot was ICE'd when I visited it today, but signage is supposed to be installed soon (according to the parking attendant).

The parking garage is adjacent to the County of Riverside  building.  The building's address is 4080 Lemon Street, but the parking garage is addressed as 4090.  The EVSE is on the first floor of the parking garage near the back of the building.

2.  3535 12th Street, Riverside California.  These are two EVSE's, newly installed by Chargepoint, inside the parking garage.  This garage is across the street from the various courthouses in downtown Riverside.  Power is free, parking is not.  But the spaces are nicely marked, not blocked, and the units work well.

3.  3403 10th Street, Riverside, CA.  This is actually on Lemon Street, but the address is 10th Street.  The space was ICE'd, but it is a new install and they plan on marking the space as EV only soon.

You can find each of these locations marked on

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