Thursday, June 21, 2012

EV Expectations: You get what you expect!

Can we really expect there to be EVSE stations everywhere in our lives?  At home, at the office, at retail locations?  Expectations have to be set, and reset, by those who choose to forge ahead in a new technology.  In the EV world, that means that those of us who choose to be early adopters have to change our own expectations in order to change the expectations of those around us.

For example, I have been negotiating to lease new office space for my firm over the last three months.   We have submitted various offers with various property owners.  Each offer has included a provision that requires the landlord to install at least two public EVSE's at their location.  I don't ask that the EVSE's be for my exclusive use--indeed I want them to be publicly available.  I also don't demand that the power be provided free of charge--they can charge a reasonable amount if they like (although I recommend free charging to promote visitors to the building).

When I first told my broker that I wanted that provision included in every lease proposal that we sent out, he had never heard of such a demand.  And yet, so many of the lease terms and provisions included in a proposal are quite standard.  Things like tenant improvements so new offices can be built, or a few months of free rents--all typical.  Requiring the installation of EVSE's--not typical.

But if we all started to change our own expectations, and expect that EVSE's are standard in a lease proposal, then it won't take long for that provision to work its way into many of the documents realtors use for office leasing.  Once that occurs, expectations change and the world becomes a far more EV friendly place to live...and work.

Of the three proposals we submitted, two property owners were interested, but not willing to commit to installing EVSE's.  The third offer committed to installing at least one EVSE, and possibly two depending on the cost.  We chose the third offer.  They even stated that the EVSE would be for my exclusive use.  I'm flattered.  But just between you and me, I plan on making the EVSE publicly available.  

It's time to raise our EV expectations.

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