Saturday, July 21, 2012

From the Mouths of....Teens

Normally I wouldn't recommend writing down things said by teenagers.  Especially teenage boys.  They usually talk about things that are either gross, absurd, gross, vulgar, gross, nonsensical ("you gotta mob tough"...what??), or gross.

But every now and again they say something interesting about something interesting.  And what could be more interesting than the Active E?  The E gets plenty of attention wherever I go, but none more so than from teenage boys--who have been known to notice cars in particular...when not looking at girls.

Here is my list, so far, of some interesting and entertaining comments out of the mouths of teenagers:

1.  Torquey...used to explain the sudden increase of speed of the E from standstill.  

2.  Groovy Smoothly...used to explain the feeling of the car as it accelerates from 0 to 60.  Since the E only has one gear, it never has to shift gears, and it has a nice, smooth, linear acceleration.  In fact, its groovy smoothly.

3.  Power pedal...used to describe the accelerator, previously called the gas pedal.

4.  Sick circuits...used to describe the circuit graphics on the outside of the car in a positive light.  My generation would call it either awesome or rad (short for radical).

5.  It mobs cold...I can't quite get a good translation of this one, but apparently its a good thing (me: "what do you mean by 'it mobs cold?'" teenager: "it just does").

This is a work in progress.  But if you have any good teenage sayings that relate to the Active E, please let me know.

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