Saturday, October 20, 2012

Alternative Fuels Expo in Downtown Riverside, CA

The E and I attended the alternative fuel expo in Riverside, CA today where they exhibited a number of different alternative fuel vehicle.  There were electric vehicles, CNG, hydrogen electric, and plain old one diesel Volkswagen.

Among the electrics were a Honda Fit EV (driven by Chuck who I met at the Temecula plug-in day event) a Nissan Leaf, two Codas, a Chevy Volt, a Toyota Rav4 Hydrogen electric vehicle, and two BMW Active E's.

Me and my shadow E

Nissan Leaf, Honda Civic CNG, Hyundai hybrid, VW TDI

Chuck's Honda Fit EV and two Codas

Showing off
Chuck was nice enough to let me test drive the Honda Fit EV.  It's very impressive.  A small car, but with plenty of room, including a back seat that holds 3 passengers.  It has all the upgrades, including navigation, heated seats and a back-up camera.  And it can go.  In fact, when in sport mode, the Fit EV has acceleration that rivals the Active E.  The only noticeable difference is that the Fit is front-wheel drive as opposed to the rear-wheel drive Active E.  And there's quite a bit less regenerative braking when taking your foot off the accelerator.  But all in all, a truly exceptional EV.

There were also a couple of hybrid vehicles, including a Ford C-Max hybrid and Hyundai hybrid, and a Honda Civic compressed natural gas vehicle.

We had a good turn out and talked to passerby's about the joys of driving electric.  The BMWs were, as always, a big hit and people loved looking and learning about BMW's EV program.

Saying goodbye to my twin Active E

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