Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Dirty Truth of Clean Air Vehicle Parking...

My new favorite restaurant is the Lazy Dog Cafe in Ontario, CA, just across from Ontario Mills Mall.  Why is it my favorite?  Is it the great food, friendly service, cool ambiance? the clean air vehicle reserved spots.

They have quite a few of these spots, 6 or 7 of them.  And yet, there seems to be a general misunderstanding as to the type of vehicle that qualifies as a "clean air vehicle."  I know my Active E qualifies to park there because it says "Clean Air Vehicle" on my carpool-lane-access sticker.  But the other cars may be a bit of a stretch.

Which of these cars do not belong...all of them (except my E of course)

The mini-van is white, like my Active E, but not clean air.  Same for the truck and the silver car on the other side of the white truck.  The Toyota Prius parked three spaces down is a hybrid (good), but not clean air because hybrids still burn fuel as they go.

Am I sounding like an EV snob again?  Well you don't have to read too many of my posts to know I am an EV snob.  And I love to take advantage of every special perk that comes with my gas-free car--such as special parking spaces.  I'm not really mad that these spaces are ICE'd by gas guzzlers.  The bigger disappointment is that we don't have enough clean air vehicles to fill these spots.  On most days, even if not ICE'd, these spots would see few inhabitants other than my little E.

Proof positive that the E is clean air--in fact it admits no air at all (clean or otherwise)

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