Friday, October 26, 2012

The E Keeper: Master Guardian of the ActiveE.

In my home we have an ActiveE Guardian, an E Master, the "E Keeper"... my 13 year old son.  The "E Keeper" is a friend and guardian to ActiveE's everywhere.  While I am very particular when it comes to the condition, both exterior and interior, of my cars, I can't come close to the E Keeper's keen eye for detail.  The E Keeper watches over the ActiveE like a momma bear to her cubs.  It is sacred territory, especially the interior, and there are some definite rules you must follow when riding with the E Keeper.

For example, no feet on the seat.  It doesn't matter whether you're wearing shoes or just socks, or barefoot.  The seats are made of beautiful white leather, and the E Keeper will do all in his power to keep it that way.
The E Keeper keeps 'em white

Also, no eating, drinking, sneezing, coughing, spitting, or "spraying it" rather than "saying it."  The E Keeper does allow us drinks that are in closed containers with straws, but he keeps a watchful eye to ensure no cup is tipped too far. Shoes must be scrapped and cleaned before entering the vehicle, and hands must be washed and dried.

While the E Keeper annoys all passengers, I can't help but smile and enjoy the extra level of protection the E Keeper affords my ActiveE.  And while the passengers beg me to call off the E Keeper, I simply shrug and say "There's nothing I can do, the E Keeper takes no orders from me--he answers to a higher authority."

The ActiveE is safe and sound so long as the E Keeper is around.

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