Sunday, September 23, 2012

National Plug-In Day, Temecula, CA

Took the Active E to the National Plug-in Day event in Temecula, California.  It was a nice turn out of EV's on a hot day in a cool part of town--Old Town Front Street section of Temecula.

My E joined the ranks of many Nissan Leafs, a couple of Toyota Prius plug-ins, a few more Chevy Volts, and one Honda Fit EV.  The Fit EV was exciting to see just because they are so rare--even more rare than the Active E.

"Wattsnn" a nice looking black Nissan Leaf

My E among friends

Test drive anyone?
A rare Honda Fit EV sighting--love the blue

We even drew the attention of the local firefighters who checked out the cars and tried to determine how they would handle an emergency situations involving the various electric cars that were present.  One of the Leaf drivers gave them a demonstration of how the cars operate and should be shut down in the event of a crash.

Always getting attention.

Must have something interesting in the trunk???

The event was reported in The Californian as Temecula's first ever electric vehicle expo.  Overall, it was a rather small event, but we talked to quite a few people and sang the praises of driving electric.

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