Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lone Wolf-E: The relaxing benefits of slow.

As much as I hate going slow in my ActiveE (meaning 70 on the freeway) there's times when efficiency is required to go the extra mile.  Surprisingly, my wife doesn't like me driving slower than the speed of traffic because she thinks it gives the car a bad impression--"I want people to know what this thing can do!" she says.

All clear once this rat pack races ahead
Of course, there are plenty of times when I show just what the car can do, which gives my E a bad impression for different reasons.  But on days where I need to stretch every mile, traveling over 70 mph is a real battery drain.  So I hunker down and set the cruise control at 70 on the dot.

I never knew what happened when a car travels at a fixed speed of 70 miles per hour on a wide-open stretch of California freeway.  It gets lonely.

In fact, when I set cruise control at 70 or so (and pull into the far right lane--not trying to make a statement, just want to be efficient) all the surrounding traffic charges on and leaves me alone.  Every 10 minutes or so another knot of speeding cars catches up and passes, and then its quite once again.  This wave of moving metal continues for the entire trip, leaving me driving lone wolf style for most of the trip.

Wide open behind too
It is quite relaxing to be humming along (and the E barely even hums)  without a care in the world or a car by my side.  Another hidden benefit to being efficient.

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