Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back in Good Graces: Return of the E

I'm glad to say that I have my E back.  It went in for service last week, which now requires that they pull the back end out of the car in order to check the motor and transmission.  There was a "crease" running down the entire length of the battery cover underneath the car--apparently I had hit something.  Actually, I went into a peaked driveway and it scraped pretty good.

Anyway, the car was sent to Oxnard, CA for a full inspection.  It passed the test, whatever that was.  There was no damage to the battery--just a quick bit of touch-up paint to the undercarriage to be sure it didn't rust where the paint had been scraped off.

I got it made in the shade now that my E is back
Now the E is safely back in my garage.  They say absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I really love being back in my electric driving seat.  The car feels faster, smells fresher, runs smoother, even the a/c cools the car faster than ever before.  O.k., it's all probably the same, but it feels like a marked improvement over my ICE loaner.  Plus, I no longer have to stop at gas stations!!  Welcome home.

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