Thursday, September 20, 2012

No Junk in My Frunk

This is the trunk of the ActiveE.  Not at all roomy, but still technically has storage space. 

This is what's under the hood--both with and without the front cover.

This open space where the gas engine would reside in an ICE'd vehicle is now being converted by most EV's into an extra storage space.  Not so on the E, but will be so on the next generation BMW EV, the i3.  
The current trend is to call this front storage area a "frunk"--mutilating the words "front" and "trunk" in the process.  I hate the term "frunk."  It makes me cringe every time I hear it.  Just because the rear storage is called a trunk does not mean that we need to reference the front storage area by making up a hideous new word.

Besides, there's many car parts with names having nothing to do with their functionality.

For example, the storage space located on the passenger side of most cars is called a "glove box," but when was the last time anyone put gloves in there.  My sweet, old (98 years old) great-aunt once gave me a fabulous pair of white, leather driving gloves, and I never put those in any "glove box."  Of course, I don't put them on my hands either.  Although...white, leather driving gloves may match the E's white leather seats nicely:

"Honey, where's my cane and top hat?"

No, no, never mind.  The point is, a box for gloves it's not.

And the rear storage is called a "trunk," but there hasn't been trunks on the back of cars for nearly a century.  This isn't a classic Duesenberg, it's a modern BMW and that rear storage is no trunk.  (In the case of the ActiveE, it's no storage either, but that's the subject of a different rant.)

There's also two-word terms that we don't combine.  A "steering wheel" is not a "swheel."  And the "turn signal" is not called a "turgnal."

The solution is to either create a completely new name or stick with the full-on descriptive term "front trunk."  Personally I vote for the new term "Hood Hide-y."  But I'm open to suggestions.  Just don't be putting junk in my frunk.

The ActiveE's "trunk"--plenty of space for a pair of gloves

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